"Let's do what we love, and do a lot of it."    -Marc Jacobs


There are a few things most everyone can gather immediately when they first meet me. I love people - their stories, what inspires them and everything in between. I absolutely ADORE what I do - design truly is one of the great loves of my life. It has been my saving grace, my inspiration and my key to days truly filled with meaning. Finding my purpose has been one of the most invigorating and educational experiences, shaping me into someone I am absolutely and unequivocally proud to be.


 I'm humbled to stand next to my 6'3" cowboy's side every day. He supports me, encourages me and pushes me to accomplish things that used to only be dreams...and now they're my reality. He's hard work personified and the BEST dad to our little fur child, Yeti. We love you,  Bryan!


I am not only overwhelmingly grateful for the business I have built and the relationships I have forged with my clients and others in the industry, but of the panache and drive that this experience has so graciously given me. Here's to the road ahead and to the many experiences and people I have yet to encounter. Cheers!



Thank you for joining me on this journey. It has led to new friends, creative fireworks and learning more about myself than I ever imagined. YOU inspire ME daily! The ideas you bring to the table to make your events memorable and your businesses stand apart are awe inspiring and challenge me to be a better designer. Your support, encouragement and referrals have overwhelmed me and blessed my heart to its core. This little business I started in early 2011 has skyrocketed beyond anything I could have initially imagined, and I owe you so much recognition. I look forward to working with each of you through life's enjoyable moments and significant milestones.


With Endless Gratitude, 



  •   I'm an extrovert's Extrovert. I talked before I was six months old!


  •  My favorite color is orange, and has nothing to do with the fact that I am a proud Oklahoma State University graduate. Go Pokes!


  • I'm "giraffe" tall, as my friends tell me. I stand just over 5'9" flat footed, but there's some sort of gangly optical illusion that makes it look much more extreme. If you find jeans with a 37" inseam, holler at your girl.


  • I'm a foodie. Like, to an extreme. It's a hobby...or a lifestyle at this point. Add in wine, and we can talk about this subject for days. I cook dinner almost every night. It's my other creative outlet!


  • I'm an only child, thus making me a massive sports fan by "daddy's girl" default. I knew more player stats by the time I was four than most grown men. We have lunch at least once a week, and inevitably half of it is spent talking sports. . . love you, Daddy-o. 


  • I was born a city girl, but my heart belongs to the country. I live in a little town of 35 (that's two digits, y'all) in NW Oklahoma with nary a stoplight or a paved road. And yes, my extroverted self adores it.


  • If it has fringe or floral, is made of suede or velvet, or sparkles the tiniest bit... I'll wear it. I wasn't much into fashion until college (hello, Tomboy), but now I love it! Cowboy boots are my weakness. I also think this relieved my mom a smidge when she realized I wasn't going to live my entire adulthood in a Chicago Bulls basketball jersey.


  • Speaking of my lovely, should-be-sainted-at-the-Pearly-Gates mother, she is the superstar who picks up your orders every week! She makes sure they're oh so perfect before heading to their new home with you. I always say she's the bees knees, but she is far more than that.                    I love you to the moon, mamma!


  • Trusner Designs started by accident! I designed an office flyer when I worked in finance, which led to someone asking me to design their wedding invitations, which led to.....THIS. From the depths of my soul to the furthest star, thank you for allowing me to do what I do every day...sometimes the Lord's "accidents" are the happiest of your life. 




Sometimes I can be a real snooze, as referenced below. Oh, and sarcasm is my second language . . . that and Spanish thanks to my fluent madre. 


Enough about what I have to say!  Here's what YOU have said about your experiences with Trusner Designs:

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